Access code - is a special code that can be generated by corporate account manager for any question type or for custom quiz and given to potential candidate or employee for taking the test. After it manager can filter candidates/employee by test result. Filtering can save costs that company spent for an interview with a candidate or employee that do not match position criteria.

Corporate account - account that can be helpful for companies that wants to check their employees anr candidates. User (account manager) can generate an Access Codes for any test and give it to potential candidates or empoyees for taking a test. It can be used to check candidate proficiency level before the interview, or check the employee level during the corporate processes.

Credits - can be purchashed and allow registered users to take a paid tests. 1 credit is used to take 1 paid test, but free tests can be taken without credits.

Custom quiz - Manager of corporate account can create a custom quiz by combining questions from different technologies (for example frontend, backend, CSS)

Personalize quiz - Manager of corporate account can create a quiz with own questions. Manager should create personalize quiz and add questiona and answers to created quiz

Private account - account that can be helpful for any person who wants to take a quiz and get results after it. User can purchase quizes and take them at a convenient moment. After the quiz is taken, we will generate the Result Code for it. All Result Codes will be stored at the website database, and the user can share it or add any of them to the CV.

Question Type - Set of questions in scope of selected technology.

Quiz - it is a game to test knowledge about a certain subject. User has limited count of questions and should ansver it wit time limit.

Result code - is a special code that can be automaticaly generated after quiz completion. Quiz results are bound to the Result code and can be accessed from the profile page. With the result code, the testee can share quiz results to social networks or add it to the CV. To see the quiz results the Result Code should be entered in the required field, at the EvaluateMe.it page.

Test result - Report that automaticaly generates after quiz is finished.

Testee - Anyone who is ready to take a quiz.